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Kansa Wand Massager

Kansa Wand Massager

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Areesa Botanicals Kansa Wand face massager is a unique double tipped facial massage tool. The Kansa wand has a spherical massage surface, made of Kansa metal which glides effortlessly on your skin, and is an excellent companion to one of our facial oils. Areesa Botanicals Kansa wand has a dual benefit, as it has a double tip. The larger surface is great for overall massage, while the smaller tip is excellent for the smaller areas like the nook of the nose, corner of the eyes, under eyes, and the temples. Kansa or Bronze is a metal traditionally used to make temple bells in India for centuries. The Kansa metal has a unique PH balancing ability and detoxifies the skin, reduces puffiness along with working the product in your skin, and improving blood circulation giving a healthy glow. 

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