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"Scanty Spots Filling in"


I seriously can't believe the wonder this hair oil did with my hair.. give it a few weeks with twice a week hair oiling, at least 30-45 mins. I see the scanty spots filling, less breakage, and new hair coming. I had bad post covid hair loss, and I am finally seeing some progress with my hair. I will continue to use this hair oil, loving the improvement on my hair.

- Yashti

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Wisom Facial Oil was featured in the British Vogue In November issue

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I absolutely love this, it is a miracle ! Since suffering from alopecia areata, I was researching about cures, and heard about certain ayurvedic herbs like brangraj and amla which can help alopecia. I had already tried so many things, and this hair oil had these ingredients and so I thought, well why not! I m really surprised at the results, 2 months using this, I have filled in my bald patches. one was at the crown, and one was at the left side. I am seriously amazed, I only used a few drops on my bald patches daily before sleeping, and it works! Give it a few weeks to kick in, It has helped me get my confidence back


I wanted something for my dry skin, and Wisdom Face oil claimed to help with peeling skin. I have been using for about 15 days now, and after years of peeling skin during winters, this time surprisingly my skin is not peeling and feels nice. I apply this at night and blossom oil during the day as suggested. So I can say I am happy with this product. The smell is also kind of relaxing and nice for night time.


I had been struggling for a long time with painful acne, and tried everything under the sun, including numerous trips to the dermatologist, popping pills, treatments and trying everything under the sun. Sometime back, I decided to go holistic and this ayurvedic face mask sounded promising. Someone was talking about it I'm one of the Facebook groups I was in. I contacted the company via Instagram and they were super friendly. The person suggested taking pictures during my journey and I was blown away by how my skin had cleared up just by using this mask every alternate day and their blossom face oil. It's not really your feel good fancy face pack smelling like roses lol, but it gets the job done! It smells very "herby" but she said that's because of the neem and tulsi. I definitely feel like my skin is clearing up after a long time. Be patient, after 3 months of consistent use yesterday finally someone said that my skin was looking clear!! I'm on my third jar already, lovee it!



Benefits Of Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Self Massage

Benefits Of Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Self Massage

Abhyanga does not require any expensive trips to the spa, as it is to be incorporated as a part of your daily routine and not to be considered as an indulgence. It can easily be done in the privacy of your home. It is usually done from head to toe