What is Bhringraj oil and why do you need it?

What is Bhringraj oil and why do you need it?

What is Bhringraj?

Bhringraj, (Eclipta Alba) also known as False Daisy, is a fast growing herb native to India. It is most popular for its hair repairing and hair strengthening properties. Bhringraj is also consumed internally for balancing doshas. 


How is  Bhringraj included in our Ayurvedic Indian Hair Oil?

Pure Bhringraj powder is slowly infused in Organic Sunflower seed oil, for weeks. The resulting oil is a beautiful deep emerald colored infusion, filled with the amazing properties of bhringraj and ready to be the base oil for our Ayurvedic hair oil formulation. To the base of Bhringraj infused Sunflower oil, we add other incredible oils and essential oils to complete the formulation and make it effective to resolve a variety of hair problems. 

Bhringraj oil for hair

Image- Sun Infusion of Bhringraj in Sunflower oil

Why is Bhringraj a popular ingredient for hair care?

Bhringraj is recently gaining popularity in the west, for one reason -  it works! However, Bhringraj oil infusion has been used for centuries in India. Almost every traditional household had their own hair oil recipe  with a basic infusion of Coconut oil, Bhringraj leaves and Amla  steeped together and strained to create a base oil. Other herbs and oils were later added as per individual preferences. 

What exactly does Bhrinraj do for the hair?

Bhringraj is excellent for hair growth and overall hair health, and is one of the main ingredients of our Ayurvedic Indian Hair Oil. Regular scalp massages with bhringraj infused oil makes the hair follicles stronger by  improving blood circulation to the scalp, hence preventing hair loss and also improves the growth rate of hair. It also helps prevent stress related premature greying of the hair, and helps maintain natural hair color. Bhringraj contains magnesium, and a gentle scalp massage with Bhringraj oil may lead to a better and more relaxed sleep pattern. It is also antibacterial and prevents scalp infections and dandruff. Overall, our Ayurvedic Indian Hair oil, with Bhringraj and other ingredients including Amla, Neem, Castor oil, Blackseed oil with Rosemary, Tea tree and Fenugreek is excellent for hair growth, preventing hair loss, and maintaining overall health of scalp and hair. 


Bhringraj is not exactly your “cool new ingredient”. It had been around for centuries in India, and just recently started to get its fair share of limelight in the west. You definitely need to include hair oiling in your hair care routine because a proper hair and scalp massage, especially with a Bhringraj based oil can do wonders for your hair health, as it works from the inside, by nourishing and strengthening the hair follicle.  

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