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The Beginning

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post! I’m really excited to write this, and hope you all enjoy reading this and the posts to come. I love writing, hence adding this blog to my website was an obvious next step in the journey of my business. My decision to start a blog may be old school, as I believe written blogs have kind of taken a back seat since the past few years, due the popularity of other social media platforms. I still believe, even if I can connect with a few like minded people and we can share our thoughts, I would call it a success. 


My name is Ikhlaas, and I am the founder of the Ayurvedic skincare line,  Areesa Botanicals. The concept of Areesa Botanicals was born 2 years ago, while I was studying for my diploma in organic skincare formulation at Formula Botanica. I was searching for a niche for my skincare line, and I thought why not go back to my roots and bring out elements from where I belong. I studied in detail every ingredient which I wanted to include, its benefits, side effects, how much to use, how to use and where to use. Sometimes I used to hit a dead end with my research, but I kept going. After 2 years of tweaking my formulations, I narrowed down to 5 basic products to begin with, which I considered essential to get a start. I have so many new ideas for products which I want to bring to you, which are inspired by the  wonderful flora and fauna, the scents, smells and the heritage of the Indian subcontinent and Ayurveda.. 

Going forward, I will continue to write bi-weekly blogs, to highlight the benefits and ingredients of each of my products. I will also share any skincare tips, debunk skincare related myths and misconceptions, maybe share recipes since I love cooking, share books since I love to read, basically share any tips, tricks, life hacks and thoughts which I think may add value to my readers lives. 

Hope you all enjoy reading this, as much as I love writing. 

Stay Tuned..



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