All About Moringa Oil For Skincare And More

Moringa is hot and trending right now in the world of natural living and healthcare. We have seen Moringa powder added to smoothies, face masks and oatmeal, moringa oil included in skincare ( ahem - we do too!), haircare and even consumed as a supplement. What exactly is Moringa, where does it come from, how exactly does it help you, and most importantly - Is it worth the hype?

Moringa seed skincare

I have spoken about the Moringa tree in my house in India, while we were growing up. It is known as drumstick, because the edible seeds are long and thin, shaped like drumsticks. We had a huge old Neem tree in the front, Moringa and Jamun trees in the back. Looking back, the Moringa and Jamun trees ended up providing the most sustenance to us. Not just to our family, our extended family, our househelp and neighbors, even to birds and animals like squirrels and monkeys(yes!). In fact in India, several animals including monkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats and a variety of birds coexist very well with humans, in the same ecosystem, with the animals sometimes having the upper hand. 

Moringa Leaf powder

The Moringa seed and the leaves, both are edible and widely consumed. Back then, it was just a humble vegetable, of which we had an unlimited free supply, not looked upon as a fancy superfood. 

Moringa powder is consumed as a health supplement, as it is a rich source of antioxidants, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Few studies have also shown some results that it may help reduce blood sugar levels and help prevent inflammation. 

Areesa Botanical’s newest line of Body oils is exclusively based on the goodness of Moringa oil. Moringa seed oil is rich in oleic acid which is moisturizing and soothes rough, dry skin, and behenic acid which gives it an extremely long shelf life. The high antioxidants also contribute to protecting the skin from environmental damage and have anti-aging properties. It nourishes dry, damaged skin and may also help provide relief from eczema and other skin conditions. 

So the question, is it worth the hype? Absolutely! In fact, I think it's a bit late to the party as it has been so common in the east and it's just about catching up in the west. 

Moringa Body Oil

Moringa oil is the star of our line of Moringa body oils and is also one of the ingredients in our Blossom Face Serum


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